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If you study a good underwater image and look at the components that help it to be memorable – whether it be an interesting subject exhibiting some particular behaviour, or maybe something brightly coloured or lit in a different way – if it isn’t well exposed, the picture simply won’t stand out and command attention from the viewer and you, the photographer, will be disappointed. In this article, I want to look at how to get the best exposure and to be sure it is right underwater.  EXPOSURE  In any type of photography, exposure is a critical element that dictates…
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Some insight into, and also tips on looking for and capturing, interesting behaviour in the subjects we find to photograph in macro  Behaviour is defined as the actions and mannerisms made by individuals and organisms in conjunction with themselves or their environment, which includes other systems or organisms around.  We have all done it and shot the subject that the guide points out and more times than not, the subject might not actually be in a position that is conducive for a good or particularly interesting image. The guide is doing his or her job, but it is up to…
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Fish are a subject where I see a lot of what I call ‘ID shots’, with the fish sideways on, lifeless and on the whole not very interesting. Fish are not easy subjects, as they can move around quickly and are certainly unpredictable and therefore it can be difficult to take a good image.  They are also not necessarily the man in the street’s favourite. “It’s just a fish”, I hear my friends and family say! Show them a shark shot or maybe dolphins or whales and they will be a lot more interested! However, the sea is full of…
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An insight into, and also tips on, opening up the aperture for an arty look to your images. In photography, we are always looking for ways of showing a subject or a scene in a more creative or dynamic way. In underwater photography, there has been a trend towards more surreal images, with photographers of note using slower speeds for motion blur and also more open-aperture images with dreamy and soft bokeh. The oceans are full of the most vibrant coloured subjects and backgrounds and adopting more creative techniques provide stunning and different images for our audiences.  In order to…
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