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Underwater photography. A mental attitude

Underwater photography is a journey. But let’s face it, the beginning of the journey is often not very rewarding. No one starts out an award-winning photographer. Whilst I can’t give you a magic formula to instant success… because there isn’t one…  I can show you a path that will lead to great underwater pictures. I […]

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Oceanic whitetip.Framing the long fins

Oceanic whitetip sharks (Carcharhinus longimanus) are without a doubt one of the most magnificent sharks you can encounter. Their curious nature makes them some of the easier sharks to encounter. Do not underestimate this great fish, not in vain they are at the top of the food chain. In the next article, I’ll try to […]

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What’s a Red Sea photo workshop really like

My usual blog is designed to give fellow photographers tips on how to photograph specific subjects. This time I’m deviating a bit to describe a what goes on my Red Sea photo workshop. Who are photo workshops for? The short answer? Everyone! The long answer? It’s not about needing to have “all the gear” or […]

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The mighty Thistlegorm

Not every subject swims around. Wrecks are as popular with divers as reefs and marine creatures and each one has its own charm and unique angles. It’s time to treat these lumps of metal as we treat our fish friends, looking for the right angles. This blog aims to help you find some fresh perspective […]

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Let’s shoot Napoleons

Napoleons, or bumphead wrasses, are fish with character.  I yet to meet a diver that doesn’t smile when one of these curious creatures comes in to have a look. With the intricate pattern in their faces, big lips and chameleon-like eyes, these distinctive fish are prime subjects to take pictures of. In locations like that Red […]

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Packing electronics: flying home from Egypt

Packing is one of the most stressful bits about any holiday. Increasingly, us divers have more and more electronics too in our kit bags. So how can you go packing to ensure you comply with the current rules laid out by the UK FCO on flights coming to the UK from Egypt? Caroline was our […]

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Baggage. Understanding Egypt’s rules

Baggage rules can be a minefield. this blog explains the guidelines to pack for your trip to Egypt. The basics: standard allowances EasyJet – as standard all Scuba Travel flights come with a 20kgs hold allowance.  There is no extra for divers.  This must be in 1 hold bag. Hand baggage is not limited by […]

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That’s a moray!

I look at a moray sticking its face out of a hole on the reef and the image of a witch always comes to mind. Just like that witch with her green skin and a big nose, morays have beady little eyes, generally, look a bit miserable and long faces. They are not the prettiest creatures we encounter, […]

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Pucker up! Shooting sweetlips

The Challenge Swim along most tropical reefs in the Indo Pacific and you will see a group of sweetlips sheltering around a coral or against the reef. With their inquisitive look and big mouth, these brightly coloured fish are always a good subject to spend some time on. They can be found in small schools or as […]

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Shooting a clownfish is no laughing matter

Here’s Mario’s tips and tricks to get the best shot of a clownfish, so you can have the last laugh!