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Dive the Red Sea like never before onboard Whirlwind.

The Red Sea is piping hot. After months of no one diving, the Northern Red Sea is better than ever. The reefs are bursting with life, the sightings have been phenomenal and now you have the opportunity to enjoy all of this onboard Whirlwind. With the current situation, many people would think twice before travelling […]

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Destination focus. Sardinia

Through our series Destination Focus, we giving our readers a whistle-stop tour around the Mediterranean introducing our exciting new dive spots, our next little jewel in our journey is the exquisite island of Sardinia.  Getting to Sardinia Sardinia is around 2 hours 15mins flying time direct from the UK. It is a large island, almost […]

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Boat Bio Whirlwind

The Award-winning wooden-hulled M/Y Whirlwind was built in Rasheed close to Alexandria. In May 2006 she sailed her maiden voyage journeying to Sharm el-Sheikh. Soon after that, she took her place amongst the elite of the liveaboard vessels in the Red Sea. At a generous 36m with an 8m beam Whirlwind easily accommodates 20 guests. […]

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Benefits of Yoga for scuba divers

Caroline Wells, Yoga instructor, keen underwater photographer and a Scuba Travel regular explains how Yoga helped her to become a better diver and the benefits of practicing Yoga for scuba divers. As divers we naturally spend time thinking about our fitness.  Some may not be preoccupied about this but certainly for the weeks running up to […]

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