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Macro, Master it with Martyn Guess

Following on from my first workshop with Scubatravel in the Philippines I thought it might interest readers to see how I approach my macro photography. There are of course some basics to understand and you need the right equipment to get good shots. However, your images will improve hugely when you have a choice of […]

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Red Sea Reunion – Caroline’s Hurricane trip

We’ve all got those friends you’ve not seen for many years.  A reunion sounds like fun, but what if they’ve changed? What if things aren’t as good anymore? I felt a bit like this at the prospect of going back to the Red Sea and dive divig Daedalus, Rocky & St Johns this year.   […]

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New security measures

We appreciate that the recent security measures introduced covering electronic items on flights leaving Egypt may be causing concern for some customers.  We’d like to reassure you that these new measures are concerned with flights into the UK. The UK is not stopping direct flights to and from those countries.  We are working closely with […]

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Golden Trevally – Gnathanodon speciosus

Golden Trevally – Gnathanodon speciosus Welcome back to the Findex, an in-depth look at the fish and coral life in the sea. Here we will take a look at the fish that everyone will see while they are diving but maybe don’t know much about or don’t get as much time in the spotlight as […]

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Anthias – Pseudanthias Squamipinnis Today’s fish is a real coral reef staple. They can often be seen in huge shoals sweeping over the reef, adding a beautiful splash of bright orange to the coral wall. The much loved Anthias. Lyretail Anthias – Pseudanthias squamipinnis The Lyretail Anthias, also known as the Lyretail Coralfish, Scalefin Anthias […]

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Jim’s Wrecks and Reefs onboard Whirlwind

Scuba Travel’s new recruit Jim, visits the Red Sea onboard Whirlwind on the Wrecks and Reefs itinerary. It has been 10 long years since I last delved into the Red Sea diving scene and I thought It was long overdue that I got back. After a super easy flight and transfer to the boat, I […]