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Red Sea Reunion – Caroline’s Hurricane trip

We’ve all got those friends you’ve not seen for many years.  A reunion sounds like fun, but what if they’ve changed? What if things aren’t as good anymore? I felt a bit like this at the prospect of going back to the Red Sea and dive divig Daedalus, Rocky & St Johns this year.   […]

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Packing electronics: flying home from Egypt

Packing is one of the most stressful bits about any holiday. Increasingly, us divers have more and more electronics too in our kit bags. So how can you go packing to ensure you comply with the current rules laid out by the UK FCO on flights coming to the UK from Egypt? Caroline was our […]

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Baggage. Understanding Egypt’s rules

Baggage rules can be a minefield. this blog explains the guidelines to pack for your trip to Egypt. The basics: standard allowances EasyJet – as standard all Scuba Travel flights come with a 20kgs hold allowance.  There is no extra for divers.  This must be in 1 hold bag. Hand baggage is not limited by […]

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New security measures

We appreciate that the recent security measures introduced covering electronic items on flights leaving Egypt may be causing concern for some customers.  We’d like to reassure you that these new measures are concerned with flights into the UK. The UK is not stopping direct flights to and from those countries.  We are working closely with […]

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