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If you study a good underwater image and look at the components that help it to be memorable – whether it be an interesting subject exhibiting some particular behaviour, or maybe something brightly coloured or lit in a different way – if it isn’t well exposed, the picture simply won’t stand out and command attention […]

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Some insight into, and also tips on looking for and capturing, interesting behaviour in the subjects we find to photograph in macro  Behaviour is defined as the actions and mannerisms made by individuals and organisms in conjunction with themselves or their environment, which includes other systems or organisms around.  We have all done it and […]

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Fish are a subject where I see a lot of what I call ‘ID shots’, with the fish sideways on, lifeless and on the whole not very interesting. Fish are not easy subjects, as they can move around quickly and are certainly unpredictable and therefore it can be difficult to take a good image.  They […]

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An insight into, and also tips on, opening up the aperture for an arty look to your images. In photography, we are always looking for ways of showing a subject or a scene in a more creative or dynamic way. In underwater photography, there has been a trend towards more surreal images, with photographers of […]

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  Martyn Guess provides some ideas on how to use different lighting techniques rather than just point the strobe straight at the subject . As I said in my last article, ‘good macro photography requires us to follow a few basic rules and then to apply these to our images. As well as being well composed, […]

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How using a slow shutter speed, combined with a range of different techniques, can add a whole new dimension to your underwater image portfolio  Photography is about capturing an instant to allows you to tell a story in a single frame. The challenge for underwater photographers is how to do this when your subjects are […]

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Back to Basics

Tips to ease back into the underwater photography world  We all know that when you do not use a skill, you get rusty, muscle memory fades, and things you used to know by heart get a bit foggy. Unfortunately, underwater photography is no different.  Many of us have been stuck indoors for what seems like […]

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Lightroom housekeeping during Lockdown

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Not being able to travel to our favourite dive destinations and forced to stay at home has driven many of us to spend hours working on our pictures and organizing our catalogue, time for some Lightroom Housekeeping. We are now in the middle of a second, but […]

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