Ever wondered about the history of Scuba diving? While we are in lockdown we thought we would take some time to explore our sport’s origins.  

The history of scuba diving starts with free diving as a widespread means of hunting and gathering food and valuable resources such as pearls and coral.   One of the earliest reference of scuba diving comes from the Assyrians. Following this in classical Greek and Roman times sponge diving and marine salvage were established.  

In 1535, Guglielmo de Lorena created and used what is considered to be the first modern diving bell. In the 17th century Diving Bells became functionally useful when a reliable supply of air could be provided to a diver. These eventually moved to miniature diving bells covering the diver’s head. Compressed air was supplied by manually operated pumps. These devices were improved by attaching a waterproof suit to the helmet and in the early 19th century became the standard diving suit.  

Scuba Diving as we know it today

By the 20th Century things had progressed significantly, with the introduction of both Open circuit and close circuit. In the 1930’s Guy Gilpatric an American residing in France pioneered the use of rubber goggles with glass lenses for skin diving.  Fins were then patented by a Frenchman, Louis de Corlieu in 1933.    

The first demand regulator system was invented in 1864 by Auguste Denayrouze and Benoît Rouquayrol. In 1925 Yves Le Prieur developed the first open-circuit scuba system. In 1942 Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan designed the first successful and safe open-circuit scuba, known as the Aqua-Lung. Their system combined an improved demand regulator with high-pressure air tanks.    

By the 1970’s Scuba diving had really taken off globally. Many important advances had been made in diving safety, including standardised training programs.    

In 1983 the first commercially available dive computer was released, the Orca Edge. Soon they became common equipment amongst recreational divers.  

1993 was the 50th Anniversary of the invention of modern scuba diving and was celebrated around the world.   The industry and sport of scuba diving has grown over the years, and with the continued advancement of scuba equipment and technology will continue to develop and expand in the future. The combination of exotic locations, incredible experiences and accessibility makes this a sport for everyone.

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