Scuba Travel already offers fantastic underwater photography tuition in the form of their escorted trips. Now you can also get Camera package recommendations straight from a specialist shop as they have been joined by Mike’s Dive Cameras. This article is the first instalment of a series of MDC recommended-packages for scuba divers who want to take their photography to the next level. I have hand-picked the three following packages as typical examples of camera kit available at various “tech” levels. Don’t forget that MDC stocks a wide range of underwater photography products aimed at both the beginners and the enthusiast. Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website for more info.


Mike’s Camera package recommendations

Paralenz Dive Camera

Camera package recommendations, Paralenz

The Paralenz dive camera is an interesting entry to the underwater photo and video arena. For instance, it is the first action camera purely designed for divers by divers who were disappointed how their GoPro cameras behaved underwater. The lipstick shaped Paralenz stands apart from the crowd with a fact that the camera itself is depth rated to 200m, without a housing. It also comes with a depth sensor and temperature and automated depth-varying colour filters. Unlike a GoPro, all the settings can be adjusted underwater and the camera is easy to use even with gloves on. Maybe the Paralenz camera is not the primary camera for a keen underwater photographer, however, it works well as a secondary unit. Use it on top of your housing or on a pole. A mask mount is also provided for a different kind of point-of-view.

Key Features:
– Waterproof on its own, No housing needed
– 4K video recording
– Depth sensing colour correction
– Easy to use even with gloves

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Price: £580.00

Canon G9XII Camera Package with Lenses and A Inon Strobe

Camera package recommendations, Canon G9XII package

The Canon G9XII Camera + Fantasea housing bundle is a perfect package for a diver who wants to take underwater photography seriously while keeping the overall size and weight down. The G9XII comes with a high-quality 1” sensor and full manual control for shutter speed and aperture. (Auto is also available.) In addition the Fantasea housing is a compact double O-ring unit with a built-in moisture alarm and M67 port thread. The Inon-S2000 strobe is the perfect travel-friendly companion for the camera. It is smart, tiny and easy to use. Top this all with the essential fisheye and close-up lens and you are ready to face almost all situations the underwater world can throw you at.

Key Features:
– Large 1″ sensor
– Automatic + full manual exposure controls
– Works brilliantly with wet-lenses
– Double O-ring housing rated to 60m

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Price: £1899.00

The Perfect Mirrorless Starter Package.

Camera package recommendations, Mirrorless travel package,

Small mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras are great for underwater photography as they combine professional quality with reasonable cost and weight. For instance, the Olympus EM series cameras are already well known among concerning UW photographers. The newest of them all is the diminutive EM10 MKIII. The large micro four-thirds sensor and a massive lens range makes this the perfect base for an advanced underwater camera package. The surprisingly compact Nauticam housing for the camera is an ergonomic marvel with all the controls easily reachable. In addition, the built-in leak-check system and a huge range of ports mean it offers unmatched reliability and flexibility in its class.

The dual Inon S-2000 strobes and a Weefine spotting light works seamlessly as one unit with the housing and allows the diver to explore underwater photography without limits.

Key Features:
– 16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor
– 4K video recording
– Aluminium housing and high-quality ports
– Inon S-2000 travel-friendly strobes

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Price: £3400.00