Diving offers more options than most other sports. Some have a passion for sharks, other lust for rust. Do you like small subjects or prefer to swim with mantas. Cold or tropical waters… the options are endless. So, what kind of diver are you?

Scuba Travel, wreck, wreck kind of diver

Wreck Diver Wayne

Wayne wants to know about every wreck dive planned for the entire week.  He doesn’t care where anyone else wants to go, he has his list and he’s sticking to it. He is pretty sure he knows more about the Wrecks than any of the guides and he can prove it. Wayne needs to trust his dive crew that they will take him to the best wrecks based on the current visibility and the dive level of the entire boat … Wayne is a wreck kind of diver.

Chilled out Chris

Chris is cool, he doesn’t mind where he goes or what he does. He’s just chilled.  Itinerary changes don’t phase Chris he’s just too cool.  He just needs to know when and where he needs to be and he shows up with a huge smile ready to Dive.  Every dive is the best dive to Chris and he will often be heard saying phrases like … this is awesome man! Chris, please don’t ever change you are awesome! Chris is a chilled kind of diver

Scuba Travel, diver, chilled kind of diver

Nervous Nellie

Nellie only dives because her husband wants her too, she is very nervous.  Nellie prefers the swimming pool to the sea and still doesn’t know how her dive gear fits together… Nellies husband despairs at Nellie as he thinks he’s the best diver there is … Nellie needs to tell her husband to get lost and schedule many 1-1 private sessions. Nellie is a nervous kind of diver

All the Gear Gary 

Gary has everything you could possibly buy that is diving related, including all the latest equipment. He is always searching online for the latest newest must have and when he is diving he proudly shows off all his latest equipment to anyone who will listen. Gary gets upset if someone has something he doesn’t, and he will sulk until he is able to buy something bigger and better. Gary needs to stop spending money on products and invest in more diving holidays so he can utilize all his purchases. He is a gear obsessed kind of diver.

Buoyancy Barry

Barry is struggling with buoyancy skills, he is up and down like a yo-yo. “Stay on my level in the water, not above or below me” in the dive briefing is a mere suggestion to him. Barry requires an enormous amount of attention from the divemaster because he will need to be constantly told to get up or come down and stay with the group! Barry needs to take a buoyancy course. And stop using his inflate and deflate buttons as a lift button!

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