Ok, you got me. How else was I to get the key highlights of our summer Mexico trip to the Caribbean reefs and freshwater Cenotes shoehorned into a short title, eh?

It’s not long now until my second visit to this famed dive area. We had such a great time last time, firstly at Isla da Mujeres and then over to the mainland for a two-centre photo trip, culminating in the incredibly photogenic and downright awesomeness of cavern diving in tequila clear waters.

See what the trip entailed last time as we are going for more of the same this year. Here is the Mexico trip report from two years ago.

Scuba Travel, Mexico beach
Our Mexican Photo Trip June 2014

Although it was a photo trip, if you like your photography with a good dose of fun and some great eating and drinking then this is the place to be.


Most days at Isla de Mujeres were very simple, a couple of dives in the morning and then the afternoon free to laze by the pool, do some photo editing, and then a stroll or very short taxi ride into town for some local cuisine washed down with 20oz Mojitos or Margaritas whilst watching the sunset Mexico style.
Our final day there was spent snorkelling with the biggest fish in the sea the mighty but very gentle whale shark in the very best managed experience of this type I’ve ever done. With quality encounters, but mindful at all times of the animal’s welfare which comes first.
And we all got some great shots too.

Scuba Travel, Mexico whale shark, Isla Mujeres
One of the two magnificent creatures we encountered on our Whale Shark trip. Seen here with a pair of remoras, and it was relatively easy to shoot without hordes of people in shot, as the experience is so well managed, and run with the sharks welfare in mind.

Last but not least

I’ve been diving now for 25 or so years and have seen some incredible things but nothing was more of a shot in the arm for my underwater knowledge than a visit to the Cenotes freshwater caverns deep within the Yucatan jungle and it was here that we finished the diving part of our trip.

Scuba Travel, Mexico, Cenotes
A beautiful curtain of sunbeams showing just why this is such a sought after destination for underwater photographers. It does however need the right approach to get the best results.

Chicken Itchings

A bit like pork scratchings, only more feathery!! No this was the name that some of our party, well me, truth be told, nicknamed our visit to Chichen Itza the fabled ruins and a perfect place to finish our trip and off-gas before coming home. Never let it be said that I don’t take seriously a visit to a world heritage site.
In all seriousness, though our guide talked us through all sorts of fascinating and often grisly facts about the civilisation that inhabited this area, and it wrapped up perfectly our photo tour with our workshoppers keen to exercise their on land photo skills.

Scuba Travel, Mexico, Chichenitza
Can you see Kulkulkan? No not the pyramid, but the feathered deity himself. I have managed an accidental shot of the feathered serpent. Total fluke I guarantee you. Or was it?

Final few from Mexico

We like to keep this longer trips down to small numbers, guaranteeing lot’s of time to talk about photography and one to ones.
This years trip is in July from the 16th to the 28th and only has a few places left for grabs, so if you’d like to combine unhurried caribbean reef diving away from the crowds on the mainland, with some spectacular Cenotes, punctuated by whale sharks, and great food and drink then hop aboard, all in it’s a bargain at £2695 including flights.
It would be lovely to watch the sunset and drink Mojitos with you.