A super quick blog today with some recent shots all taken at the Lembeh Resort aided and abetted by the excellent Critters At Lembeh dive team.

Scuba Travel, Indonesia, Lembeh, Nudibranch
I’ve cropped in really tight to this orange nudi, so that you only register the background as an out of focus counterpoint to the bright colourful creature.

I’ve previously looked at shooting macro and the overriding issues that folk find dealing with photographing the teeny tiny stuff that we so love to photograph.

Scuba Travel, Indonesia, Lembeh, Nudibranch
This nudi has been isolated by cropping in really tight and the splash of yellow which is it’s rhinophore stands out against the darker colder toned background

How to separate the subject more from its less than exciting background, by either using photographic techniques that exploit the laws of physics like shallow depth of field.

Scuba Travel, Indonesia, Lembeh, trunkfish
This satsuma orange cowfish is much brighter against the out of focus but the duller background and leads your eye into the shot.

Or as you are probably well aware if you already keep abreast of the blogs I’ve been using a snoot to light my shots and did a series a while back about this subject.

Scuba Travel, Indonesia, Lembeh, Sshrimp
The bright red of this shrimp is echoed in the background with it’s out of focus buddy, forcing your concentration onto the creature placed prominently in the foreground.
Drawing attention

Ok, another method for drawing attention away from the dull backgrounds is to use the naturally bright colours of the subject. You can accentuate the emphasis by either an oasis of colour amidst a boring background, highlighting the contrast itself. Alternatively filling the frame with colour so that the background recedes by comparison.
Colour contrast like this is a mainstay of composition and can really highlight the subject.

Scuba Travel, Indonesia, Lembeh, Nudibranch
As you are aware I’m not in favour of moving the marine life and will only shoot the subjects in situ, so the background is down to them and where they live. And if the creature isn’t on a pretty background, I’ll still shoot it, but try and employ a shallow depth of field, shooting or cropping in, however, sometimes you’ve just got to accept the backgrounds and rely on the creatures, bright colour to distract the eye.

Mant thanks to the incredible staff of Lembeh Resort and Critters at Lembeh.

More shots to come over the coming weeks which I will be sharing on our Facebook pages and also on our Instagram account which is scubauwphoto.

Ok more from me soon.