The Red Sea is considered by many to be one of the 7 Wonders of the underwater world, home to more than 1,000 species of invertebrates and over 200 species of soft and hard coral. This forms the basis of an incredible marine eco-system that includes 1,100 species of fish, turtles, sharks, and world-famous wrecks.  With everyone locked down at home including the Scuba Travel team we thought we would spend some time highlighting amazing places to dive to inspire you once lockdown is lifted. With our £0 deposit offers on certain holidays lets keep your diving dreams alive. 

Our first stop is the Red Sea and we asked some of The Scuba Travel team why they love to dive there. 

What Martin thinks about the Red Sea?

First up we spoke to  Martin Nordin who heads up our operations team. 

“Big brother has got everything for adrenaline-fuelled diving, sheer reef walls, fascinating wrecks, currents, and sharks. It is simply an unforgettable place to dive. 

Big brother island Red Sea
Big brother island Red Sea

To drop in on one of the wrecks then just drift along with the amazing reef wall shark spotting, as you slowly ascend to the surface is just spectacular diving. I could easily stay a week just on big brother.” 
Regardless of the time of year, my favorite dive sites in the northern red sea are Shark & Yolanda reefs, in the Ras Mohammed marine park they always deliver top-class diving. 
The abundant marine life and beautiful coral is so fascinating, I never get bored of this dive and can’t wait to go there again soon. 

Ricky’s favourite sites

Next up is our Red Sea sales expert is Ricky and this is what he had to say. 

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“I love to have variety; the Red Sea gives so much variety! But my heart undoubtedly belongs to wrecks, tunnels, and caverns; anything I can get inside and explore, the Red Sea delivers this in abundance. I am fond of the Fury Shoal area and have a particular soft spot for Sha’ab Claudia. You can get some impressive views from sunbeams here, through all the tunnel and cavern blowholes as the sun beats down into them! Top this all off with the immense hard coral and its inhabitants, you will never get bored of diving these sites.” 

Mario, our resident photo pro

Many established and budding photographers will know our resident Photographer Mario Vitalini, he offers his view below. 

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Hammerhead shark at Daedalus Reef

“It depends on the area and the season. North in summer is great for snappers, Jacks, and batfish.  I love Shark and Yolanda with the huge schools of Red Snappers and Batfish. Jackson reef in Tiran has probably the most colorful reefs always buzzing with life. But if I have to pick one site, in particular, it will be probably Daedalus. The corals are not as colorful here as they are in the north but they are incredibly healthy, along the walls you can see the abundant fish life you would expect while in the blue you have probably the best chances in Egypt to see hammerheads. other sharks, as well as mantas, are not uncommon here.” 

Sam’s Red Sea favourites

And last but not least we have Sam Wren our diving groups specialist and he says…. 
“In St. Johns you have a good mixture of walls with potentially good shark action and gorgeous reefs. On the way back you stop in Fury Shoal with some of the best hard coral sites you can get in the Red Sea. I was told its a shell of a boat, barely a wreck, but it is teeming with life and so much to explore. When I got down there I was blown away by life! I met George the resident moray(probably the largest moray eel I’ve ever seen) and his family! It was a bloody great dive. Literally the underdog of the week!” 

George the Moray
Blue spotted stingray are some of The Barge many residents.

Our Next Destination focus will be on the Maldives until we can dive again stay safe – The Scuba Travel team

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